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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finding Your Inner Warrior

I've been keeping a secret. 
At Christmas time, while I was busy putting on those 5 pounds that I still haven't managed to take off, I agreed to run a half marathon with my fabulous and fit sister-in-law in May.  Now, let me tell you, I agreed to this AFTER two glasses of wine.  Plus, I was feeling all smug and invincible because all of my Christmas shopping was done.
"Sure!  I'll run a half marathon with you!  How hard can it be?" 
Well, it's 13.1 miles of hard to be exact.  After I registered, paid my entrance fee, and the wine and holiday high wore off I asked myself, "What have you gotten into?"  Too late to back out now.  The commitment has been made.

Why didn't I tell you about this earlier?  Well, some part of me didn't really think I would do it.  I didn't want to expose myself as a QUITTER!  I thought that if it was too hard I could just slink away unseen.  Not the best attitude to have for a big physical commitment, right?  The attitude I wanted to have was something along the lines of, "I'm a capable and powerful 45-year-old lioness!  I can do this.  I can be fit and fabulous just like my sister in law!"  HA!  Too bad I only felt this way part-time.  Self doubt being right there on my shoulder saying things like..."Maybe you will hurt yourself and have to back out!  Hope for an injury!"

Starting in January, I followed a beginner training schedule on the Cap City Half Marathon website.  I only had to run a mile to start.  Only a mile.  It was the longest mile of my life!  I thought my lungs would explode and my legs would buckle.  After that first run I had serious doubts on my ability.  But for some strange reason, I did it again two days later. 
I won't lie, it felt just as bad.  I said I would give it one more try.  And I did.  I think it might have been just as painful. 
But something clicked.  It wasn't that it became easier in just three attempts, it was that I learned I could take 15 minutes of heavy physical exertion.  I was strong enough mentally and physically to take 15 minutes of exertion 3 times per week.

The following week I did the same thing.  Guess what? It did become easier, physically.  But the mental battle was already won.  In my head I could do it.  Each week or two the schedule added another mile.  In the beginning I couldn't imagine ever getting up to 10 miles.  But that's what I ran this weekend.  10 miles.  No stopping.  It took me an hour and 50 minutes.  I am the same woman that could barely run a mile and was hoping for an injury just 4 months ago.  I can't believe I've come this far. 

The race is in 4 weeks and I'm actually ready.  That is why I'm sharing this today. 

I found my inner warrior. 
I am going to finish a half marathon in a few weeks.

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