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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day, Thank You

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our Veterans for your outstanding service and all the sacrifices you and your families have made to keep our country and our families safe.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide

Here are a few tips on how to eat and not feel guilty this Thanksgiving.


Save some calories from the days leading up to Thanksgiving, you do not really miss an extra 100 calories a day if you have something to look forward too. Never think you will make up for those extra calories later because it never works out that way, even with our best intentions.

Try to have an early dinner around 1-2pm and don’t skip breakfast that morning it will only slow your metabolism.

Use a normal portion size for everything you eat. Just because you love mashed potatoes does not mean that you should eat 2 cups of them right off the bat when a normal serving size is 1/2 a cup.

If there will be appetizers decide if they are really worth the calories. On average a one bite appetizer has over 200 calories!

Going to have a drink at Thanksgiving? A standard rum and coke has 350 calories, that’s more than a slice of pie!


Look at all the food before you begin eating the food.

· Are there healthy foods available?

· Is that food worth the extra calories?

· Are there low calorie beverages available?

· Are there places to sit away from the food before and after dinner?

· Are there other activities to do other than just eating?

Dinner Time:

I know it is crazy, but use a smaller plate at dinner. Dinner plates have increased in size 23% over the years, just an extra 50 calories per day on your plate can cause you to gain 5 pounds over the year. Not only does a smaller plate size keep you from over filling your plate, but it tricks your brain into thinking you eat more than you did. This is called the Delboeuf illusion, yes there really is a name for it. It even applies the  color of the plate, you will put more pasta on a white plate than a contrasting blue or green plate. Last thing, REMEMBER WHAT A SERVING SIZE IS, LOOK WHAT IS ON THE SERVING SPOON NOT THE PLATE!

After Dinner:

Look at all the food before you begin eating the food.

· Don’t snack on the leftovers as you bring them from the table to the kitchen and put them away fast.

· Don’t eat that last spoonful of mashed potatoes even if it does not fit in the tuperware, it is OK to through it away. Really!

· Getting ready to fix another plate 2 hours after dinner? Your body may be getting confused between hunger and thirst. A Thanksgiving Day Dinner has a lot of salt, I mean a lot of salt, more than you should eat in 3 days. Try dinking a big glass of water first, then let your body tell you that it is hungry or you just want to eat again because it was so good!

· Go play with the kids, go for a walk outside! Get away from the food and put your attention back on your family. Your family loves the time and attention you give them more than the food you make them!

· Food is a big part of our  Holiday Traditions. It is OK to change some of your recipes even though Mom has made it a different way all of your life. You work to hard to eat healthy and stay fit, -don’t let the Holidays or other people set all that hard work back. See our Thanksgiving recipes on our Facebook page  to help you make it through the Holidays without feeling like you are missing something. 

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