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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Remember Your New Year's Resolution!

So, it has been just over a month since you made that New Year’s Resolution, but do you even remember what it was?  We all have good intentions when we make them, but let’s face it, life just gets in the way! Only 8% of those who make a New Year’s resolution end up keeping it; the rest of us are done with them by the end of March.  We tend to fail, not for lack of trying, but for setting unrealistic expectations and time frames.

Stop thinking “New Year’s Resolution” and start thinking “my goals for this year”! It is important for you to make your goals specific, attainable, relevant, measurable, and set to a time limit.  Losing weight is always in the top 5 resolutions, and one of the first to be broken.  Instead of thinking “losing weight”, make a goal to eat healthier (eat 4 servings of fruit and veggies a day), limit desserts to 1 per week and eat a normal portion size.  These changes will help you lose the weight you want by establishing easy, achievable daily goals.  Fall off the wagon one day?  Don’t worry about it, just start again!  Think of getting healthy like the stock market.  Your goal in investing is not to get rich quick, but to secure long term wealth, or, in this case health.

If you need help achieving your goal of obtaining a healthy lifestyle, we are here to help!  Our patients lose thousands of pounds each month, and best of all they keep them off.  Our providers and staff can help you identify the physical and emotional triggers that have stopped you in the past and give you a personalized wellness plan to get you on your way to better health once and for all. Come and join us for our “New Goals for a New Me” until the end of March and receive your free consultation and start your wellness program for only $75. That’s a 50% savings! Call now for your free consultation (352) 394-4237.

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